TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL is a non-profit organization focused on entertainment through the simulation of TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL operations in a virtual environment. TBA adheres to the GPDR regulations. Please, click here for more information.

1 - Registration and Entry Steps

1.1 - To join TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL, it is necessary to be at least 18 years old, active account in the IVAO or VATSIM networks with 150 flight hours, as well as not being prevented from connecting to the networks for conduct reasons.

1.2 - The admission test will be available to new candidates only when there are positions available,

1.2.1 - The test will consist of 20 multiple-choice questions. Each question will consist of 4 alternatives (A, B, C, D). Only 1 (one) will be correct. The contents of our admission test are: Navigation, Meteorology, Aircraft limitations, Flight Theory, Weight Performance and Balancing.

1.2.2 - The time available for the test is 20 (twenty) minutes. If the time runs out, the test will be sent automatically and the candidate will receive the grade.

1.2.3 - To be approved, the candidate must have at least 70% correct answers (14 questions). If you fail, the candidate will be able to run the test again in 7 days.

1.2.4 - Any attempt to circumvent the theoretical evaluation system will cause the automatic cancellation of the candidate's registration and he will be banned from admission to TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL.

1.3 - The second stage of the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL admission process consists of an interview with one or more staff members via Discord. This interview must be scheduled with a maximum period of 10 days from the completion of the theoretical test, according to the availability of the candidate and the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL staff.

1.4 - The third stage of the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL entry process consists of a practical exam where the candidate will perform a flight between two terminals, the choice of the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL checker. This flight must be performed online, in any of the networks, preferably IVAO, and at the same time the candidate must share the aircraft cockpit via Discord, so that the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL checkers can evaluate the pilot's mode of operation.

1.5 - The results of the practical exam, will be sent in a maximum of 2 days from the execution of the flight.

1.6 - Upon entering, it is the pilot's duty to keep updated on TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL standards and operations

2 - Permanence and Conduct

2.1 - New positions will be available at any time only in the periods and registration is open.

2.2 - The entry and stay of pilots in TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL will not be allowed if they are registered with another virtual airline that refers to TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL. If this clause is broken, the following actions will be taken:

2.2.1 - Access blocked 

2.2.2 - Notification via email 

2.2.3 - The pilot will have 3 (three) days to justify and inform what actions will be taken, otherwise he will be removed from the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL board

2.3 - After obtaining approval in the theoretical and practical exams, the new pilot will receive an email with initial instructions and will have a period of 7 (seven) days to make his first flight, otherwise, access as well as all the information of the pilot will be removed from the system.

2.4 - All pilots must execute at least one flight per month or comply with the scale designated in the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL route system. After this period, the pilot will be notified via email. After ten days the account will be deactivated. If there is no communication or pilot activity for a period of 60 days, the account as well as all information regarding this pilot will be removed from the system.

2.5 - Absence requests will be allowed once requested via email with any of the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL staff members. Absence time can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

2.6 - TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL registration is for personal and non-transferable use. If the account is used improperly, the pilot will be removed and a new registration will be authorized with the approval of the staff.

2.7 - No act of verbal aggression to the pilots or staff of TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL will be allowed and the pilot who commits any aggressive or disrespectful act will be removed from TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL, without the right to re-entry. The same is true for members or staff of virtual aviation networks.

2.8 - The publication of adult, religious and or political content in TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL communication channels is not allowed, including but not limited to email, whatsapp, discord, etc.

2.9 - The use of TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL is not allowed for profit-making purposes or that could damage the VA's image in any available means of communication. Depending on the case, the pilot may have his account disabled and removed without a return option.

2.10 - Misuse of access as system staff will result in the account being deleted, as well as all information from the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL system.

2.11 - All documents and information made available to pilots and staff members are for the exclusive use of TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL operations and must not, under any circumstances, be distributed to third parties. Violation of this rule will result in the removal of the account and all information from the pilot or staff member from the system.

3 - TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL Route Management System

3.1 - TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL uses ACARS and phpVMS as flight management and registration systems.

3.2 - After sending the flight log, it can be sent for review and approval, for evaluation.

3.2.1 - The pilot may continue to perform other flights normally and if necessary, one of the staff members will contact you for further clarifications related to the log that presents any variation based on the operational parameters of TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL.

3.2.2 - Pilots have the option of adding comments at the end of each flight, if they wish to provide any additional information regarding the flight performance. This does not guarantee the approval of the flight, if it does not comply with the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL operational standards.

3.2.3 - The list of parameters used for analysis of flights, may be requested to any member of staff, if they are not available in the operational documentation of TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL.

3.2.4 - The use of equipment that is not part of the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL fleet to carry out any flight is not allowed.

3.2.5 - Pilots must fly with the equipment assigned to them during the entry process. Theoretical and practical exams will be available if the pilot wishes to change equipment.

3.2.6 - All flights must be executed in sequence, where the airport of origin of any flight must be the destination airport of the last flight. If necessary or for other reasons, the pilot may request a “jumpset” to change its location once approved by the Director of the HUB or Operational Director of the equipment. In this case, the jumpset will have a cost for the pilot and the destination airport must have equipment that the pilot operates available for the next flight. It is the pilot's responsibility to request the jumpset as well as verify if there is equipment available to execute the flight from the new origin.

3.3 - TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL operates only with online flights, for this reason it is prohibited to execute any flight disconnected from the VATSIM and IVAO networks. For long haul flight, the online network rules will be applied. If any pilot performs any flights offline, the following penalties may apply:

3.3.1 - Flight hours not counted 

3.3.2 - Fine in the form of a discount on the pilot's earnings for the flight performed offline 

3.3.3 - Recurrences may cause the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL pilot to be disconnected.

4 - Career

4.1 - Pilots as well as staff members are classified by patents defined in the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL career plan.

4.2 - Pilots will start their career as First Oficial after joining TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL.

4.3 - Promotions may be subject to theoretical and practical exams, but they can also occur automatically, based on the criteria of the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL career plan.

4.4 - Further information on career plan, promotions, and any other details regarding the pilots' careers can be found in the TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL Career Plan.

5 - Final Considerations

5.1 - This regulation must be mandatory for all TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL pilots and staff. Any of the terms and or definitions may be changed without notice. In case of changes, all members will be notified via NOTAM and EMAIL.

5.2 - Changes to this regulation, when necessary, must be presented, discussed, and approved by at least 50% of the staff. All pilots can contribute to the improvement and evolution of this regulation through written suggestions.

5.3 - In case of breach of this regulation, the pilot will be automatically disconnected from TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL.

5.4 - When registering for admission to TRANSBRASIL VIRTUAL, the candidate will be automatically agreeing with these regulations.